In the next 5 years, trillions of dollars in assets will be Digitized via NFTs 

“The next 30 years I think are going to be really focused on value-added intermediation in the markets. The technology will exist to allow for every asset on the planet to be digitized and available to be bought and sold in an instantaneous way.”

Adena Friedman
President and CEO
Nasdaq Inc.

Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bridgewater Leaders Imagine Markets in 2052

Digital Assets: The Future Of Capital Markets

Will Digital Asset Securities Become Mainstream Institutional Investments?

The global bond market is about $100 trillion. Commercial Real Estate is worth about $32 trillion and Agricultural Real Estate about $27 trillion. Total residential Real Estate is about $170 trillion at the end of 2019. If we have to put a number of that we reach about $230 trillion. The total world equity market at the end of 2019 was nearly $90 trillion. Venture capital and private equity come in at $3.5 trillion. The physical fine art market is about $1.5 trillion. The global cryptocurrency market cap is currently over $3 trillion. And the global nft market cap is approaching $1 trillion. Therefore, if we add up this Capital Formation, (the combination of real estate, equities, bonds, fine art, vc, private equity, crypto, and nfts) this number works out to be about $428 trillion. Digitization of all asset classes is well underway. 


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