Minimum Offer Required $25,000


Now receiving EXPLOSIVE direct type-in traffic from unique users daily indicating very strong brand and market demand. All as a result of current U.S. stock market activity coupled with the essential digital business demand of podcast platforms.

The COVID-19 virus health scare has positioned the U.S. stock markets to transfer the energy needed for the ultimate SLING-SHOT move to Dow 40K and beyond in the near term. The current correction was/is necessary and healthy to exact the future move higher. Institutional capital from around the world has nowhere else to hide as the current monetary system collapses. Public debt markets are no longer a salvageable option to park assets. National paper currencies will be canceled to be replaced with fully digital government (crypto) currency. Gold and Bitcoin will eventually be banned by governements to prevent competition. Archaic Keynesian economics is now unraveling before the world’s eyes. NATIONALIZATION OF PRIVATE ASSETS IS ALREADY UNDERWAY GLOBALLY. The biggest STOCK MARKET in the world will be the only salvageable option remaining to park institutional level capital and by default become its main beneficiary. In fact there will be stock shortages due to the increasing flood of capital coming in from all over the world seeking shelter in conjunction with competition from corporate level buybacks of stocks.