Domain Benefits

The Benefits You Could Reap By Owning A Premium Domain Name

Establish company, product or service dominance
Expand Market Share | Go Global | Increase Revenue
Direct Navigation: More Traffic | More Leads | More Sales
Instant authority, Instant Brand Recognition, perceived market credibility
Higher ranking (SEO) in Google & other search engines
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) effectiveness help reduce cost
Marketability: Exciting branding or rebranding opportunity
Increase Your Bottom Line

Could you handle a dramatic increase in traffic immediately after upgrading to a premium domain name? Want to experience an increase in SEO rankings? Or maybe you would like to triple your online sales? Smart businesses have done just that and so much more by simply upgrading to a premium .Com

Location, Location, Location

The majority of the world’s most admired companies know that location matters based simply on what they already own. These companies take no shortcuts, they understand that owning the best domain names for their business is the most important long term asset they can possibly own. They own the absolute best variations of their names in the .com namespace, domain names that are short and intuitive, oftentimes words with meanings and strong business category associations. Many Fortune 500 corporations own hundreds and sometimes thousands of domain names. For example, Microsoft owns a portfolio of over 75,000 domain names.

Being Found Is Job #1

In today’s advertising-rich and highly competitive world, being found is job #1. Corporations spend collectively tens of billions of dollars every year to simply be found ahead of their competitors. Servicing particular client needs is literally less than half the job of doing business today. Without the proper exposure you lose that potential business to those that do the most important job of all – the job of getting found First!