Paying for Your Domain Name

When buying a domain name from Keen Domains, the first step in the process is submitting payment. Once payment is confirmed, we can move on to transfer the domain name to your account.

We offer three options for making payment:

  • Wire Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum accepted)

For security and privacy reasons, we do not take payments through this website nor do we accept credit cards over the phone.

Please note that you are responsible for any transaction fees associated with making your purchase. Fees for the respective options as described below are listed on the websites of the transaction providers.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Pay via

share-img (1) is our vendor of choice for all domain name transactions. The main advantage to using is that they not only handle your payment(s), but they also act as an escrow agent* to provide extra end-to-end transaction security.

Process: The webpage How Works provides a good description of the process. When a transaction is initiated on the escrow platform you will need to take the next step and make payment.

Once confirms they have your funds, we will proceed with the domain transfer. Please note that while monitors the transfer, they do not handle the actual transfer themselves. We must still work together as Buyer and Seller to complete the transfer through our respective Registrars. However, will monitor the transfer and confirm its progress and completion.

Service levels: offers two levels of service – Standard and Premier. You will need to choose which one you want to use. The main differences have to do with which payment methods are accepted and the associated fees that are charged. The Premier level supports more payment options but costs more.

Payment methods: accepts most payment methods, such as wire transfers, credit cards, Paypal, checks, etc. Options vary based on the service level chosen. Details can be found here and here. We should note that because they are in the business of transaction security, can be rigid about payment methods.

Fees: Buyer will be responsible for all fees. fees vary between 3.25% (Standard) and 6.5% (Concierge) of the transaction value. There is a $25.00 minimum fee. Use their fee calculator to calculate applicable fees.

Since fees change from time to time, please do not rely on the fee information provided here — please see’s website for the latest information.

* In case you are unfamiliar with what an escrow agent does, their job is to ensure that both parties to a transaction meet their obligations. For you as the Buyer, that means they confirm that you receive your domain name in exchange for funds paid. For us as the Seller, they ensure that we get paid (but only after you’ve received your domain name).

Pay via Wire Transfer


You can also pay us directly using a wire transfer denominated in US dollars.

Process: We’ll provide you with our bank details where you can send us funds. Once funds are confirmed in our account, we’ll move ahead with the domain name transfer.

Payment method: wire transfer.

Fees: None if payment is made in US dollars.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Accepted