Pricing Upon Request

At we may offer straight sales, lease options, rent-to-own, and/or equity deals. Domain names at Keen are available for lease pricing with rates based on the domain negotiated. Domain direct purchases can be financed through, etc. (see Payment). Buyers will be responsible for any transaction fees associated with purchases. may endorse non-disclosure agreements upon client request. Regardless, we do not disclose our sales to the general public.

Keen is a private domain marketplace primarily for sophisticated and professional-level buyers. It is highly recommended that our potential clients be knowledgeable about the domain name sales market before contacting us. We prefer to sell our domain names to parties that will make the most utility and maximum market impact with our assets in industry. Typically, well-capitalized venture-backed startups and established corporations tend to understand this concept the best as these are our desired clientele.

The domain market is a multi-billion dollar industry that is steadily growing due to the rise and expansion of global internet growth as well as businesses’ mounting demand for an internet presence, coupled with individuals’ increasing desire for personal web space.

The vast majority of the domains at Keen are registered with In order to facilitate a smooth, simple, and fast domain name transfer, it is highly recommended that you sign up for a free account at

We will typically contact you within 24 hours to discuss your inquiries.